Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dried Fruits for Backpacking.

Finding the proper food to carry when you are backpacking is one of the hardest things for me. I can say I still haven't found the optimum meal that I would like to carry when hiking. Specially when hiking in high altitudes, the appetite is so low that you don't feel like eating anything. For that problem, one solution I found is a mix of dried fruit. They have different tastes, easy to pack, eat and produce no waste. The first time I tried that was when Omar did a pretty big mix of dries fruit. Going along his path, today I bought 45$ worth dried fruit and packed them after mixing. I thought I would share this information with everybody who are eager to find the best food when you hit the trail. Here are some information an their energy vs weight values.

Weight (per bag) : ~900g
Calories (per bag): ~3.25Kcal !!!!!!!

Total price : 45.03$
Total Weight : 4.651Kg
Total calories : 16.4KCal

Calories per gram : 3.51

Calories per gram for a Sneakers bar: 4.7

Eventhough the chocalate bar has a little more calories per gram, it is not something you can eat more than one at a time; however, fruits, with a good mix can be replaced by a total meal of 3KCals.

The spreadsheet with all the information here.

A very good link collection on backpacking food here.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Break 09

Ok, considering the fact that It's been a while since I last hiked, and that this is the second week of the summer vacation, I think it's about time I plan my next hiking trip. I was going to go alone, and then was joined by Hakim and Fred, then by Omar and his brother and yesterday, by Andrew. So now it's a full blown backpacking trip of 6 people, and better yet, we are going to summit 3 peaks over 12500ft....!!! So here's the planning info,

Getting there:

from LA, 5->14->395 then Old plant road right before Lee Vining (320mi)
from SF, 80(or 13)->580->205->120 and the same as above (240mi)

final coordinates,
lat=37.8804756313, lon=-119.156441542

We are going to leave around 3.00~3.30 from the valley, pick up the wilderness permits from Lone pines or Lee Vining ranger station, and head to the Walker Lake camp-grounds. It's about 5mi from the highway and at about 7800ft (1000ft higher than the highway) We will get there around 9~10pm, and Omar and his brother will be there.

Walker lake (


First day is going to be the toughest. We have to hike around 8mi to get to the place we are going to camp. Starting from ~7800ft to the highest point ~11500ft. If we start early in the morning, we will be able to pass Lower Sardine Lake(9900ft - 4mi) before noon, and get to the Parker pass (11100ft - 7mi) around 3~4pm. Then we'll have enough time to find a nice camp-ground and acclimatize to the high elevation playing Hakim's mini guitar...:D

The next day is the main day, we are going to leave the tents and summit Parker peak (12858ft) There's a lot of switch backs and it's not going to be easy. Then continue to the Kiop peak (12962ft) and sign in the names on the register (hopefully we can find one) Then try the Kuna, which is the 3rd highest peak in Yosemite and the highest we are going to get, at 13002ft. Then we can head back to the camp, and if feeling adventurous, can come down on a different route.

Kuna Peak

The next day is just hiking back down; however, if we feel full of energy, -this is my surprise hike- we can summit mt Gibbs (12774ft) on the way out.