Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yosemite, Summer break.

Ok guys, I thought I will put all the information needed here.

Leaving : Monday night 10.00pm will be better. No later than 1.00am Since some of us have exams we will have to go late at night. We will camp about 40mins from yosemite, near Mono Lake. It takes around 5-6hrs to get there. And we can wake a little late 9~10am, and get to Yosemite around 10~11am and start hiking right away.
Hiking plan: I have about 3 routes in my mind, I will put more info later, but that depends a lot on walk-in based wilderness permits. I would love to go straight to yosemite for that reason on tuesday, but I dont know if we will be in good shape if we did not sleep well; However, the first day of the hike is very easy. So think about it...!!
Leaving from Yosemite on Thursday evening....!
Hiking Gear :
  • Everyone needs a backpack. atleast 45L.
  • A sleeping bag. The temperature would be around 30-35F so get a sleeping bag rated 20-25F and be mindful how heavy they are. If you are going to be camping in the future, get one from REI (Reseda and Devonshire), they are expensive, but way better (Go for goose down, 600+ fill if you are going for a good one, synthetic is cheaper but, heavier and less insulation).
  • Sleeping pad. The first time I went, I thought sleeping pad is not neccesary and I DID pay the price. So i think its a good idea to get one, even the cheapest one in REI would work. Other places, check the weight and how to inflate the bag.
  • Hiking poles. We will be trying to summit atleast a 12k or a 13ker. So hiking poles will definitely help. And trust me and ask Omar, they make a BIG DIFFERENCE. Walmart has decent cheap ones for around 15$ (But only in the walmart in Van-Nuys, go all the way down on Roscoe)
  • Raingear : the weather forecast says there's a SLIGHT chance of rain/snow. so I would definitely get somthing for rain. And we might be hiking in a little snow (Alen and Ash dont worry VERY LITTLE) so DONT use running shoes, waterproof boots will be awesome, or maybe work boots when there's snow and running shoes when not.
  • Food, We will need for 3 days. I would usually take 1 extra meal. BUT AS LIGHT AS POSSIBLE. This site will give you an idea about what food you wanna take. but remember we have to carry all those in bear canisters (we will rent 1 and I will buy 1). THEY MUST FIT Inside no EXCEPTIONS.
  • Tents, We can rent tents from REI. its not expensive. And I have a tent for 2 ppl. But if anyone is thinking to buy one, get a decent one. and I can come with you to REI, check the websites below and get a general idea (IF you are buying, go for a name brand, since getting ewt in the middle of the night in 25F is not worth it. Go for aluminium poles, with a rainfly/3000 tafta bottom, and be mindfull of the WEIGHT)
  • I Have a very small stove and we can get some extra fuel, so we can boil water and may be able burn some tortillas. So bring some coffee or HOT CHOCOLATE
  • Clothes, There might be rain, so be prepaired, can't take the slightest chance on that..! waterproof pants will be awesome. I usually take 2 pants(excluding my snowpants) 3 shirts (longsleaves) and a short. Get a pair or two wool socks. And I wear very thin nylon socks beneath my normal socks to get rid of blisters)
I love Ultralight, chack thses websites for more info. (But be mindful of the commercial and non-commercial ones)

and a lot more if you have time..!


We have three candidates,
  1. Mt Lyell : This is the hardest, and most fun one, Mt. Lyell is the highest in Yosemite, and the hike through lyell canyon is great too. We will have to hike around 10mi the first day., which is really not that hard. and then we can camp near the mount about 3-4 mi below the summit. Then we can try the Mt. Lyell the next day, and return on thursday. If we can do it, it will be the best ever. Getting a wilderness permit will be really hard though, since by the time we arrive, all the permits will be gone (Thats why I wanted to go straight to Yosemite, If we leave Here around 2am, and if you guys can get a sleep before.)
  2. Vogelsang HSC : this is the same as hiking Lyell, ~10mi, nice hike, but there will be less elevation gain since vogelsang mt is only ~12000 ft. And there's a High Sierra camp,where we might be able to buy food if open.
  3. Dana meadows to sardeine lakes, This is less hiking the first day, but at very high elevations, start from 9500 to 10500 we can try mt Gibbs, Kuna or Koip. And Kuna is a 13000er. Sardine lakes are awesome, If not covered in snow..!
Upload more info later...! gotta go to work..!

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